What we stand for: + Consciousness

We stand for the conscious leather, for the conscious fashion and industry. 

We stand for animal-friendly alternatives. 
We stand with the braves who aren’t scared to choose differently.
We stand against closing our eyes to animal suffering. 

What about you, what do you stand for?

Our products are thought with care, designed with love and ethically made. We believe we can create beautiful products with sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives. 

Fashion is an expression, a way of thinking and living, and our DNA is made of dreams and beliefs on a better world. That’s why we proudly choose beautiful and great-quality materials to build up our pieces.

We believe we don’t have to be cruel to be IN & TRENDY.  We believe we can connect People, Nature and Fashion.

cruelty-free only

While we fully respect vegan, we believe that you don’t have to be vegan to be passionate about animals and wear animal-free leather. Moreover, we believe that circular economy starts by approach and mindset in a progressive path towards full respect with the planet responsability. We do not have all products full recyclable, but we always seek to use materials and production models that are harmless and influence local society to have the same approach, avoiding single use plastics and other materials that do not respect the circular economy and sustainability best practices. 

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circular production forever is Boring

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